The project both initiated and participated in various formal meetings, as shown below. In addition, various project members had less public meetings as discussed in the “Narrative.”

July 26-27, 2007: “Reducing Risk Disaster from Catastrophic Wildfires in the Chernobyl Irradiated Forests” (Meeting of international ENGO’s and government sectors of Ukraine). Meeting statement.

October 6, 2008: National Round Table: Reduce risk of disaster from catastrophic wildfires in the Chernobyl Irradiated Forests. National Agriculture University of Ukraine. Draft program.

October 6-8, 2009: Wildfires and human security. Fire management on terrain contaminated by radioactivity, unexploded ordnance (UXO), and land mines. Kyiv & Chornobyl, Ukraine. Final agenda, Seminar report, List of participants, Summary.

August, 2010: “Risk and potential implications of forest and grassland fires in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone ” by Aaron Hohl and others; XXIII World Congress,Pentennial World Meeting of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations, Seoul, South Korea. IUFRO abstract.

September 30 – October 2, 2010: “Education, research, and innovations in forestry and park management in Ukraine in the context of regional and global challenges” (170-year anniversary of the Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management). Conference program, Oliver Evolution of Forestry.

March 30, 2011: Presentation of Chernobyl at Yale. Presentation.

April 20-21, 2011: International Scientific Practical Conference, Twenty-five Years after Chornobyl Accident. Safety for the Future. Kyiv, Ukraine. Meeting Agenda (05/21), Oliver Zibtsev Goldammer, Meeting agenda (05/22)

May 9-13, 2011: The 5th International Wildland Fire Conference, Sun City, South Africa. Zibtsev Oliver Goldammer Wildfire paper, Zibtsev et al. Wildfire paper

January 23, 2012: Presentation of Rector Melnychuk at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies: “Transitions in Intellectual and Technological needs in Ukraine:  impact on the university and Ukraine’s traditional economic strengths.” Bowers Hall, 205 Prospect Street. Presentation.

November 5-6, 2013: Earth Bioresources and Environmental Biosafety: Challenges and Opportunities: An International Scientific Conference. Kiev, Ukraine. Abstract.